Benny Chong


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In the field of solo 'ukulele playing, the number of recording artists who specialize in jazz can be counted on one hand. Bill Tapia and Lyle Ritz are two names that immediately come to mind. Benny Chong's name can be officially added to that "endangered" list.

Benny taught himself to play the 'ukulele when he was about 11 years old. After nine years or so, he virtually put the 'ukulele away for some thirty-five years. In 2000, Benny was invited to be one of the four artists in "The Art of Solo 'Ukulele", a concert series that led to a CD and a public TV special. These events revitalized his interest in the 'ukulele, resulting in his debut album 'Ukulele Jazz'.

Beyond a repertoire comprised mostly of musically challenging jazz standards never before even attempted on the 'ukulele, Benny's contributions to 'ukulele playing include novel left and right hand techniques, chord voicings new to the 'Ukulele, and an unprecedented level of virtuosity.

Sample Track:  The Way You Look Tonight
(from "The Art of Solo Ukulele")