Kiyoshi Kobayashi


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Kiyoshi Kobayashi started his musical career as a classical guitarist and in 1975 made his recording debut as a backup musician. Kobayashi-san taught jazz guitar for 8 years at the Musashino Academy of Musicae. In 1985 Kiyoshi joined the Tokyo Hot Club Band, touring in Britain, France, and Australia. In 1988 he was the first Japanese to perform at the Django Reinhardt festival in France. Kiyoshi formed the first Paris musical band 'Bistro Tempo' in Japan in 1992 with accordionist & vocalist Patrick Nuge. He co-starred in Yukimura Izumi recital "Sing a Musette", and released a live CD from Toshiba EMI.

Kiyoshi's ukulele career began in 1995 when he joined the uke-centric Sababian Cafe. He worked as a chief lecturer for 120 ukulele students at "Tattoo Nature Sound Forum 98" sponsored by the Taito Ward Culture Sports Foundation and participated in a concert with "Gonchichi". He released his ukulele album "It's Only A Paper Moon" in 2004, which featured songs of Django Reinhardt.

He is currently active as a guitarist performing the music of gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt who became the roots of his own music besides ukulele and banjo. In addition to performance activities as a lecturer of ukulele, Kiyoshi is the chief lecturer of KIWAYA Ukulele School at Kiwa Shokai.

Kiyoshi Kobayashi has become a virtual legend performing, writing, and teaching ukulele.

Sample Track:  Minor Swing
(from "Daydream Believer")