Top 20 Listeners: US Metro

The "Metro Region" column is the primary city within that particular metro area. The "states" column includes the primary city/state as well as many other portions of states that are covered within that metro area. The "metro-area" totals often include portions of multiple states. The top 20 listeners data represents stats based on Total listening hours. Standard and ad-free listeners are combined.

Top 20 Listeners: Metro Region
Rank Metro Region States
1 New York CT, NJ, NY, PA
2 Washington DC (Hagerstown) DC, MD, PA, VA, WV
3 Seattle - Tacoma WA
4 Parkersburg OH, WV
5 Portland OR, WA
6 Los Angeles CA
7 Pittsburgh MD, PA, WV
8 Honolulu HI
9 San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose CA
10 Lubbock TX
11 Atlanta AL, GA, NC
12 Philadelphia DE, NJ, PA
13 Austin TX
14 Little Rock - Pine Bluff AR
15 San Antonio TX
16 Miami - Fort Lauderdale FL
17 Springfield - Holyoke MA
18 Houston TX
19 Colorado Springs - Pueblo CO
20 Portland - Auburn ME, NH, VT